Adi Saadon

Compliance Officer for Singapore and APAC, Venturebeam, Singapore

Adi launched his career as a Senior Investigation Officer with the Singapore Police Force, where he was instrumental in leading sophisticated analytical processes and investigations. In this pivotal role, he adeptly synthesized reports from both regional and global Financial Intelligence Units and engaged in close collaboration with the prosecutorial branch of the Attorney General's Chambers.

Since 2011, Adi has developed an extensive expertise in managing risks related to business corruption, money laundering, and regulatory compliance. His in-depth experience has been shaped by significant roles in consulting and project management across globally renowned advisory firms. Throughout his career, Adi has delivered strategic guidance to a varied clientele, including Fortune 500 financial service companies, multinational conglomerates, and innovative startups.

Adi's professional trajectory has also included notable periods at leading banking institutions, spanning both regional and global contexts. Here, he applied his advisory and enforcement expertise in real-world settings, solidifying his status as a subject matter expert in risk and compliance.
A significant turning point in Adi’s career was his embrace of Agile methodologies. Adopting Agile Governance and Data Analytics, Adi pioneered a forward-thinking approach that effectively addresses the escalating costs of compliance and transforms data into valuable insights.

Currently, Adi serves as the Compliance Officer for Singapore and APAC at Venturebeam, a distinguished venture capital network. In this capacity, he not only oversees the network's adherence to a broad spectrum of regulations—including Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Crime, Business Continuity, Data Privacy, and Market Surveillance as mandated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)—but also plays a crucial role in fostering meaningful connections and collaborations among a carefully selected group of investors, including Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity, Family Offices, and entrepreneurs. Adi's efforts are focused on enabling Venturebeam to create substantial positive impacts on society and the environment, positioning him as a key facilitator in driving transformative change within the investment ecosystem.