Akina Ho

Co-Founder, AllStarsWomen DAO, Hong Kong

Akina Ho is a seasoned business executive specializing in driving growth through digital transformation and innovation across various industries. With a track record of doubling and tripling businesses, Akina excels in change management, corporate strategy, and market expansion.

Her expertise extends to web3 technologies such as Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, and DAOs. From leading product management teams in Silicon Valley to building a Unicorn valued at $1B USD in Hong Kong, Akina brings startup experience and P&L responsibility.

Passionate about creating better customer experiences and increasing sales, Akina drives operational efficiencies through innovative technology. Skilled in marketing, branding, and franchise development, she believes in nurturing diverse teams for business expansion. As a results-driven leader, Akina connects with professionals and leads by example in driving aspirations.