Ali Safri

Chief Technology Officer, Avanza Innovations, UAE

Ali Safri serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Avanza Innovations, where he stands as a pioneer, architect, and visionary in the realm of cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Web3, Artificial Intelligence, and the Metaverse.

Throughout his career, Ali has conceptualized and brought to life numerous innovative products, demonstrating real-world applications of emerging technologies like Web3 across diverse sectors. His portfolio includes achievements such as pioneering Real World Asset Tokenization with Fragments, establishing NFT Marketplaces, Developing the Blockchain Orchestration Engine (CIPHER), Enterprise Metaverse Product (ORION), and AI-driven Enterprise Oracles (Impulse). Notably, Ali has led national infrastructure initiatives such as Haifen, a groundbreaking system leveraging Blockchain and AI to combat invoice duplicate finance fraud, adopted by 16+ financial institutions in the UAE. Along with it Ali architected and delivered the Invoice Verification eco-system for ARAMCO and its partners over blockchain, Lost Passport use case over blockchain for UAE, e-KYC Eco-system over blockchain deployed within Bahrain and Pakistan, Shipping Nomination over blockchain use case for K-Companies of Kuwait, E-Commerce eco-system over blockchain for Dubai Customs along with 20+ partners and Tokenization of loyalty points using blockchain.
Beyond his role at Avanza Innovations, Ali also serves as the CTO at ourPol, a platform specializing in real estate tokenization, where he is one of the co-founders.

Drawing from his extensive experience in delivering blockchain-based solutions, Ali is a sought-after speaker at various conferences, where he shares insights on the practical implementation of emerging technologies. Along with Technology, he addresses topics ranging from the risks and compliance considerations to the legal aspects of Crypto and Web3, enriching the discourse on the transformative potential of these technologies.