Henry Wang

Founder, World Web3 Alliance (W3A), Singapore

Henry Wang is a visionary entrepreneur known for his pioneering work in Web3.0 and universal connectivity. During his Computer Science PhD studies at Washington University in St. Louis, he conceptualized "One World One Web" in 2003. Wang's achievements include developing Moki, the first cross-lingual social network, and defining Token Switching for the Value Internet. As Founder and CEO of SmartMesh (https://www.smartmesh.io), Wang leads the creation of an InterPlanetary Decentralized Autonomous Mesh Network, driving innovations like the MeshBox hardware protocol. SmartMesh pioneers "Internet over Blockchain," facilitating peer-to-peer mobile connections and offline cryptocurrency payments. Wang's commitment to advancing Web3.0 led to founding the World Web3 Alliance (W3A), advocating for data/application separation and users' data ownership. His vision extends to MetaLife, a platform supporting NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. Henry Wang is also a Fellow of SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences) and advises LingoAI.io and MeshBox.io, shaping the future of technology and society.