Jason Teoh

Chief Compliance Officer, Revenue Group Berhad, Malaysia

Jason Teoh brings over 20 years of experience in consumer banking and e-payment industries, specializing in regulatory compliance. Recognized as one of the Top 10 Chief Compliance Officers in Malaysia by CEO Insights Asia in 2023, Jason is committed to developing simplified compliance systems that exceed customer expectations while safeguarding businesses.

With a background in highly consumer-centric industries like retail and media, Jason emphasizes the importance of aligning business objectives with regulations to mitigate risks. As a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance and Expert Member of GLG, he stays updated on the latest governance practices.

Jason's expertise lies in interpreting and adapting regulatory compliance to traditional and digital environments, focusing on the customer journey and end-user experience. He excels in providing innovative solutions and managing multiple stakeholders up to CEO and Board level.