Pei Si Lai

CEO, GXBank, Malaysia

Lai Pei Si is currently the CEO of GX Bank Malaysia, the first Digital Bank in Malaysia. The start up Bank opened its doors in Malaysia in September 2023. Her role sees her leading a team of dynamic financial professionals and technologists who are passionate about transforming and redefining financial services. They aim to make financial services more inclusive and catering to the needs of all, including the unbanked, underbanked and underserved segments.

A veteran in the financial services industry, Pei Si comes with an extensive experience and deep customer centricity honed over 25 years in retail banking, wealth management, corporate finance, product and business management, as well as governance, in both local and international markets. Prior to her current role, she held senior management positions in Standard Chartered Bank in the region and specific markets in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore

Pei Si graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) at National University of Singapore, with a major in Economics & Political Science.