Tuan Nguyen

Chief Information Officer, Techcombank (TCB), Vietnam

Tuan is an innovative and proven technology leader with P&L accountability, with extensive experience in the banking, fintech, insurance, high-tech, and energy sectors across the US, Europe, and Asia. His cultural sensitivity and ability to empathize with diverse expectations have enabled him to effectively lead transformations by leveraging regional strengths.

As CIO of Techcombank, and Board member of the Vietnamese CIO community, he has significantly improved Vietnam’s technology landscape, achieving several accomplishments on multiple fronts:

CLOUD FIRST - First FI to adopt public cloud full scale with Cloud First strategy.
TRANSFORM - First FI with a breakthrough in transforming the digital channel, simplifying the customer experience across retail and commercial channels supported by one common platform.
CULTURE – Breakdown the hierarchy that slows the productivity & innovation. Embracing and transforming to agile mindset and agile way of working.
PEOPLE – Driving a culture revolution by focusing on engineering excellence, simplicity, and learning.