Dr Ritesh Jain

Founder, Infynit, UK

Dr. Ritesh Jain, a top 10 Global Fintech Leader, 2X founder, tech enthusiast, and seasoned board advisor, has over two decades of experience in global Digital Technology, Business Transformation, and Operations. As a regular speaker at global conferences on Fintechs, Emerging Tech, Banks, and Payments, he has made a lasting impact on the industry. Formerly the COO and Global Head of Digital Tech at HSBC, he led the future of Payments at VISA and introduced Apple Pay. At Maersk, he spearheaded technology and innovation, establishing Digital Centers of Excellence and robust high-availability platforms. His contributions earned him a PhD in Payments Innovation, Open Banking, and Financial Inclusion. Dr. Jain is a founding member of the World Metaverse Council, Blockchain Associations, IBM/Informa’s AI Community, and a visiting faculty member at leading business schools. He also serves as a member advisor of the G20 GPFI and offers guidance to major payment programs and banks worldwide while advising banks and central banks on emerging tech and the future of banking and payments.